Eversdal Triathlon

On Friday, 18 November we held our annual Eversdal Triathlon. Despite the windy conditions we still had a great turnout! More than 200 people turned up to take part.

The new route proved to be a bit challenging at times, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Running through the school seems to be an exciting attraction every year!

Next year there will be further tweaks to the format, to make it even more exciting. We have a few great improvements planned.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the event. Lets do it all again next year!

DAMUS 2016

Wat ‘n heugelike middag en aand vir elke Ever, oud en jonk!  Die laaste Donderdag van Augustusmaand is al ‘n instelling op Evers se kalender!

This year we were blessed with beautiful weather – no rain for a change!  That meant no tent in the quad and immediately it was more spacious.  We also reduced the games inside the hall, moving some to classes.  This ensured a better flow of movement.

Evers het gesmul, gespeel en hul vernuf ingespan om van die speletjies  baas te raak.  Tombola was weer eens ‘n treffer en kort voor lank het die ry aangeskuif tot by die deur.

By 20:30, when the bell rang to end the Damus Evening, the Evers gathered all their winnings and were ready to head home after all the excitement.

Damusaand versinnebeeld ons skool se leuse – ons gee.  Evers en die gemeenskap kry die geleentheid om fondse in te samel vir organisasies wat kindgerig is.  ‘n Persentasie van die wins word uitbetaal aan geselekteerde organisasies en ‘n gedeelte word gebruik vir “charity begins at home.”

Thank you also to our teachers who really motivated their classes to participate.  We salute you!



Netbal Fast 5-toernooi 4 Augustus 2016

The second year of the Eversdal Fast 5 Tournament was even bigger and better than last year! Not only did we enjoy beautiful weather, but we were treated to a very well-organized event where every player was a winner in own right! Thank you very much to our sponsor, Chas Everitt, for supplying goodie bags to all the players!

Die aand het pragtige netbal opgelewer en speelsters het die geleentheid om nog ‘n faset van netbal te beleef, goed benut! Baie geluk aan die medaljewenners van 2016:

  • Goud: Laerskool Gene Louw
  • Silwer: Laerskool Kenridge
  • Brons: Laerskool De Kuilen


Hoera vir die C- en D-spanne van Eversdal Netbal! Twee-en-dertig van ons o/12 en o/13 Ever-speelsters het by Kenridge gaan deelneem aan ‘n opwindende vriendskaplike toernooi. Spanne van regoor die skiereiland het mekaar die stryd aangesê en hoewel die pad soms opdraend was, kon ons met nuwe netbal-vriende daar wegstap!

We are very proud of all our players for keeping the Ever name and spirit so high – others even commented on it! These are the players who will always love netball for the sake of the game!

Eversdal Krieket – Distriksnette

Die volgende seuns is gekies om aan die distriksnette deel te neem tydens die winter seisoen:

Jeandré Le Grange

Handré Kriek

Thomas Kilian

Neil Goosen

Divan Swanepoel

Corben O’Ryan

Christiaan de Beer

Stef Grobbelaar

Martin Hattingh

Tristan Laurent

Ons vertrou dat hierdie seuns baie sal leer uit hierdie ervaring en dat dit hulle krieket sal verbeter!


Dinsdag, 26 April 2016, het Laerskool Eversdal vir die eerste keer ‘n 0/9A Rugbytoernooi aangebied. Ons het vyf besoekende skole ontvang tydens die middag.

Die seuns het op ‘n rondtomtaliebasis teen mekaar gespeel. Goeie,  strawwe opposisie is gebied deur al die deelnemdende skole, maar konstruktiewe rugby was definitief die wenner tydens die geleentheid.

The boys each received a “goodie bag” during the afternoon, which they enjoyed during a quick “lunch” break. The teams played ten minutes a side with no half time, resulting in a fast and action packed tournament!

Die toernooi was ‘n reuse sukses, en ons het die datum definitief weer aangeteken vir 2017.

Dankie aan al die seuns, afrigters en beamptes wat deel uitgemaak het van die praggeleentheid!


Imagine a world in which we constantly try to solve problems by treating the consequences only! A world where you have ants in your house all the time and all you do is spray doom. A world where the microwave trips the electricity and all you do is switch the breaker on again and stop using the microwave. It seems silly, right. Call an exterminator… Call an electrician. If not, you are ignoring the real problem. It will never go away if you don’t deal with the actual problem!!

I am not saying that you shouldn’t deal with the consequences. Of course you must. However, if you don’t deal with the problem as well, you will never make any progress. You will end up in an endless spiral where the problem keeps re-appearing.

And that is the problem with the way we tend to deal with bullies. For such a long time, the focus has been on the victim. What can we do for the victim? How can we equip the victim to overcome the problem? Avoid the bully, ignore the bully, stand up for yourself!! These all sound familiar to everyone, right! I am not saying that this type of conventional thinking is wrong. Quite the contrary. I think it is very important to equip victims. However, that cannot be the only thing you do, because then you are only treating the consequences of a greater problem.

The focus should be shifted towards treating the root of the problem. The root of the problem is not the child, but rather the thing or things that make, or encourage him to, behave the way he does.

Here are some common reasons why a bully behaves the way they do:

Frustration: A child might be very frustrated for whatever reason and the only way that they can relive that frustration is through an outburst of some sort. This could be a physical outburst such as punching, kicking, etc. It could also be screaming or yelling. Sometimes it might be a threat.

If you remove or relieve the frustration, there is a very real chance that the bully behaviour could be removed. Removing the source of the frustration is first prize. However, this is not always possible. Then it is important to teach the child the necessary skills to control and deal with his/her frustration. Here it might be a good idea to introduce a hobby or sport, that interests him/her and helps to forget about or relieves him/her of their frustrations. That way they will know that if they are frustrated, they just need to control it till they can get to the sport field or their hobby and then there will be relief.

There are also other techniques, like breathing and counting to ten, etc. I am not that clued up with those. However, the internet is full of wonderful information that can be researched.

Feeling powerful: Controlling someone or forcing them to be submissive is often a way to compensate for your own feelings of inadequacy. That can often be the motivating factor behind bullying behaviour. Someone might feel inadequate because they are not made to feel appreciated. They might feel that nothing they do is ever good enough. A simple solution might be to compliment a a person on something they have done well or right. Remind them that they are special.

People often fall into the trap of comparing themselves to others. They compare their own abilities on a sports field, academically etc. to someone whom is a lot stronger than they are. Their inability to match up will make them feel inadequate. These people need to be reminded that their skills, talents or abilities lie somewhere else. Even though it is not in the traditionally noticed and recognised areas, it is still important. Constant positive reinforcement can do no harm. They can also be reminded that their skills or talents might develop at a later stage. Discussing their interests with them and spending some time in their company will help them feel appreciated and also help to identify strong points.

Attention seeking: Whether it is because they feel neglected or have a low self-esteem, bullying behaviour is often a way to draw attention to ones self. They have a void that needs to be filled and the negative behaviour is a way to do it. Filling that void is the only way to change the behaviour.

How to modify bullying behaviour:

Yelling at and threatening a bully is never really the solution. The only way to change their behaviour is to change the thing that is making them behave that way. Step 1 is to find a way to explain to them how their behaviour is making their victim(s) feel. Helping them understand why that is wrong, is very important.

Here are some techniques or ideas that might help to modify behaviour:

1. Give the person a sense of self worth.

2. Encourage the person to find alternative outlets to their frustration.

3. Use role-playing games or examples to simulate how the bullying makes their victims feel.

4. Enforce strict consequences on bullying behaviour.

5. Reinforce good values such as respect for others. Talk about it all the time.

6. Give that person an opportunity to excell at something in front of his/ her peers.   And then compliment them on it.

7. Give that person responsibilities. It will improve their sense of self worth.


Op Woensdag, 13 April 2016, was dit weereens tyd vir die jaarlikse “skills middag/aand”-toernooi. Ongeveer 160 opgewonde seuns het opgedaag om aan die geleentheid deel te neem. Die kannetjies is met hul aankoms in spannetjies ingedeel, en het hul verskillende kleur-hempies ontvang waarin hul gespeel het.

The u/7 and u/8 age groups started the evening by playing three rounds of rugby matches – 10 minutes a side. Thereafter, the u/9 age group reported for their round of matches, playing 15 minutes a side.

Die seuns het die middag/aand terdeë geniet en goeie, dog konstruktiewe rugby is ten toon gestel deur die seuns, op velde wat weereens uitstekend  voorberei was.

Welgedaan seuns!