Saterdag, 3 Maart het ses van ons mini-krieketspanne aan Laerskool Worcester-Primêr se mini-kriekettoernooi deelgeneem.  Sonder om dit te benadruk, was dit ‘n pragtige, maar bloedige warm dag in Worcester.

The boys played two matches each on the day.  The tournament itself hosted a number of schools that we as Eversdal Primary School never gets the chance to play against in our league.  For that reason, the boys played against opposition, that was new to them, but they still played good competitive cricket.

Die seuns het hierdie “uitstappie” na Worcester baie geniet, aangesien daar ook tydens die dag ‘n gelukkige trekking was, waar twee van ons seuns elk ‘n gelukkige prys ontvang het.  Geluk, seuns!

Ons sien daarna uit om in 2019 weer aan die toernooi deel te neem met ons min-krieketseuns. Welgedaan met die goeie krieket wat gespeel was op die dag!


Op Vrydag, 2 Maart was dit weer tyd vir ons jaarlikse (0/7 tot 0/9C, D en E) Mini-kriekettoernooi.  Soos in die verlede het die seuns in groot afwagting vir die dag se verrigtinge gewag om ‘n aanvang te neem.

This tournament hosted 334 boys participating in the tournament, all of them playing two matches on this eventful day.  Parents supported their children by standing close to the fields, ever ready with a positive cheer.

Die dag het goed verloop en die seuns het goeie krieket gespeel.  Ons sien daarna uit om die toernooi volgende jaar weer aan te bied en verwag nog meer skole en spanne.

Welgedaan aan elke seun/dogter wat aan hierdie toernooi deelgeneem het en die sukses daarvan op só wyse te verseker. Ons sien daarna uit om ons mini-krieketseuns, sowel as die besoekende skole, weer in 2019 te ontvang!


Donderdag, 28 September 2017, het Eversdal se 0/13A-Krieketspan vertrek na Knysna op hul jaarlikse toer. Die seuns het veilig gereis en was dadelik gereed vir die toernooi. Eversdal het die volgende drie dae teen spanne van die Oos-Kaap, Knysna en die Kaap meegeding.

The first match was against the Basin Tigers. Eversdal won the match with 8 wickets in hand. Boys that excelled with the bat was Jaco Swart scoring 27 runs and Jeandré la Grange with a quick 12 runs. Boys standing out with the ball was Lutke van der Merwe with 3 wickets for 6 runs after 6 overs.

Die tweede wedstryd was teen Knysna Sport Skool. Eversdal val vas en verloor die wedstryd met 77 lopies. Die kolwer van die wedstryd was Jeandré la Grange en die bouler Dian Greyling. Die seuns geniet aktiwiteite in hul welverdiende af tyd.

The last match of the tour was against Graeme College. Eversdal won the match by 16 runs. Batsmen that stood out were Jordan Maritz and Dian Greyling with a partnership of 53 runs as well as Lutke van der Merwe. Jordan Maritz scoring 33 runs of 38 balls and Dian Greyling scoring 20 of 23 balls. Lutke van der Merwe scored 26 runs from 21 balls. Bowlers that stood out were Handré Kriek with 3 wickets for 21 runs after 4 overs also Kayden de Klerk with 2 wickets for 16 runs after 2 overs.

Die seuns het die toer verskriklik geniet en te alle tye die skool se naam hoog gehou. Baie geluk met ‘n suksesvolle toer manne.


The U/11A Cricket boys attended the Knysna Cricket Festival hosted by Sport at Backward Point.

As usual, the festival was very well organised. The fields were in excellent condition considering the water restrictions and severe fires that ravaged the area recently.

Day 1

The boys played Oakhill. They bowled really well and dismissed their opponents for 63. Eversdal managed to win the game, however it was a very tight game where all the players contributed with both bat and ball.

Day 2

We awoke to plenty of rain and heavy winds. However, miraculously the boys managed to play 60 overs of cricket. Bowling was tight at Wittedrift High School from both teams. Eversdal chased 130 runs. They batted out their full allotment of 30 overs but could not reach the target.

Day 3

Our last day was spent at Rheenendal and we played in beautiful weather. Eversdal continued to bowl and field superbly. They restricted their opponents to 18 runs all out. Eversdal was allowed to bat their full 25 overs. Everyone got a chance to bat. Some for only an over or two.

All in all it was a wonderfully successful tour enjoyed by all the players and spectators.


Vrydag, 22 September het die 0/13B en C krieketspanne onderskeidelik vertrek op hul vinnige “kuiertjie”/toer te Worcester.

The above mentioned teams, departed on Friday morning 11:00 from Eversdal Primary School to Worcester. The matches was scheduled to start at 14:45 the Friday afternoon.

Altwee wedstryde was oor 25 boulbeurte bepaal, en die seuns het die middag se krieket terdee geniet. Die toer-geselskap het in die Brandwaght koshuis op Worcester tuis gegaan.

Die seuns het hul goed van hul taak op en van die veld gekwyt en as ware ambassadeurs van die toer af terug gekeer.

Welgedaan Seuns!


Term 1 proved to be a very exciting cricket term. For the first time, we increased the number of matches played. In the past, all teams played a maximum of 4 matches. Thigs term, we entered teams for seven matches. This presented certain challenges. The biggest challenge was to get our teams selected in time for the first round of matches. Most age groups only had 3 sessions, which served as trials. This also meant that in certain cases teams changed quite a bit during the season. Our players do not always understand why we change teams. Especially our A and B teams. Coaches are under strict instructions to explain changes to players, so that they remain positive and motivated.

We received our bi-annual visit from Kings College. We have a very good relationship with them that has been built up over many years. Eversdal’s U/13 A and B teams produced fantastic performances and both picked up very good victories. Thank you very much to the parents who hosted our guests. They were very complimentary of our hospitality.

Before the start of a cricket term, we have to send in a registration form to WP youth cricket. Part of the registration is to say how many teams we would like to enter into each age group. We requested 4 teams for under 10 this year. However, they only gave us fixtures for three teams. This presented a very real problem, because we have 68 players on our books for U/10. The sports office (Especially Mr Reitz) worked very hard at getting extra fixtures for a D team. We managed to get seven games for our D team, which was a fantastic effort. As you can imagine, it is still not ideal, since we still had about 20 players missing out on matches per week. Ideally we would like to enter 5 or 6 teams. However, there are almost no schools that can host that many teams. Space is also an issue. We started hosting home matches for U/10. That solves some of our problems. We are hard at work, trying to find solutions to some of our challenges.

Jordan Maritz has been invited to the WP U/13 cricket trials. We are incredibly proud of him and wish him all the best. It is just reward for all his hard work and commitment to cricket.

Towards the end of the term, we nominated some players to attend district nets. As soon as we have more information on this, I will write a new blog.

Many thanks to all our parents, coaches and especially players, for making this season exciting, successful and enriching.


Op Vrydag, 24 Februarie, het 168 seuns aan Laerskool Eversdal se Mini-kriekettoernooi deelgeneem. 21 Teams of various schools visted Eversdal Primary School for this fun filled afternoon of mini-cricket matches.

Daar was geen algehele wenner op die dag nie, aangesien die fokus op massadeelname en genot is. The youngsters displayed their talents  with good bowling, batting and some great fielding a.k.a “AB de Villiers”, during the afternoon.

Die seuns het veral die latere rondtes wedstryde geniet, wat onder die spreiligte plaasgevind het. Dit was ‘n goeie middag/aand van mini-krieket, en die seuns het die geleentheid geniet.

Ons sien daarna uit om die geleentheid weer in 2018 aan te bied.


This promises to be another exciting year for Eversdal cricket. For the first time, we have 7 league matches in the first term. This has obviously meant that we needed to start matches much earlier. This has placed coaches under quite a bit of pressure to try and select teams. In the past there were 2/ 3 weeks before the first round of matches. However, this year we start playing in the second week. This obviously means that teams will change quite a bit from week to week. However, we are excited by the extra opportunity to compete in matches, for all our cricket players.

This year we are excited to be hosting Kings College, from England. They tour to South Africa every second year (they missed last year) and play matches against various teams while visiting our country. They will arrive with two U/13 teams and will be playing against our U/13 A and B teams. We will be asking parents to act as hosts to our guests, so start considering whether or not you can help.

Emce van der Merwe has taken over as coach of the U/13A team and we are excited to see what new skills he can impart on our players. Furthermore we would like to welcome Mr Naas Beets as an U/10 coach as well as Kelvin Stoman and Leon le Roux, both as U/11 coaches.

This year we will be hosting an U/10 6-a-side again. This tournament has proved to be lots of fun in the past and we are looking forward to it again this year. Our U/11A and U/13A teams will be touring to Knysna later this year to take part in their annual cricket festival. Our U/13 B and C teams will be touring to Worcester to play two matches there over a weekend.

Please remember that our focus at Eversdal is to present opportunities to all our players. We want to avoid, at all costs, that a player is simply a fielder. We strive to give all the players an opportunity to bat and bowl in matches as well. We also rotate our lowest team in each age group to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to play a match. Coaches sometimes make mistakes and players are sometimes overlooked. These things happen. Luckily, mistakes can always be fixed. If you feel like something has been done wrong, or a mistake has been made, please feel free to contact me ( and together we can fix things. We really want everyone to enjoy their cricket and leave every practice and match with a positive feeling.

All in all this promises to be an exciting year with lots of opportunities for all our players!


Op Saterdag, 5 November was dit weer tyd vir die jaarlikse Mikro mini-kriekttoernooi soos aangebied deur Laerskool Mikro te Kuilsrivier.

Laerskool Eversdal het 8 spannetjies ingeskry vir die toernooi, waar elke span twee wedstrydjies op die dag gespeel het.

‘n Totaal van 16 wedstryde was dus op die dag deur die seuns gespeel, waarvan hul 13 keer aan die wenkant was – welgedaan seuns.

Dit is blydend om te sien dat die deelname aan mini-krieket ten opsigte van getalle, ‘n definitiewe groei in belangestelling vir die spel van krieket toon.

Mini-krieket, of te wel junior krieket te Laerskool Eversdal, is defenitief op ‘n goeie gesonde plek.

Mooi so en welgedaan aan al die mini-krieket kannetjies.