Die dogters het ‘n uiterse suksesvolle hokkiedag agter die rug. Hulle het die senuwees vinnig afgeskud na die eerste wedstryd en goeie vorm getoon soos die dag gevorder het.

The girls are privileged to be a part of such a hockey festival. They had some fun visiting Adventure Land this afternoon, not even the cold water spoiled their spirits. Môre staan die dogters vroeg op vir die dag se hokkie te Reenendal.



Grade 7 Camp – day 2

After a good night’s rest (for a few), day two started bright and early at 7am. On the agenda was breakfast, room inspection and a hike in the mountains. All 172 Evers made their way up the mountain with a few pitstops along the way for an outside lesson by uncle Deon and JP, our camp leaders. After making it to the top, the learners found some relief in heading back down the mountain.

kamp foto 1 dag 2

The post-lunch challenge was an obstacle course consisting of crawling through a tyre, traversing a set of  cross-bars, careful steps across the cargo net and the final mud water challenge completing an hour of fun for our never fading Evers. Little did they know what awaited them.

kamp foto 4 dag 2

The snake and reptile show was next. After many nervous shouts and shuffles to the side, even from our teachers,  we can safely say that we now know a thing or two about snakes of South Africa. In attempt to exhaust the learners, there were various games of touch rugby, cricket, soccer and even volleyball going on around the campsite.

kamp foto 2 dag 2 kamp foto 3 dag 2

As the grade 7 camp of 2016 comes to an end, the learners only have a good night’s rest to negotiate, clean up, morning activity and the bus ride back home to enjoy.

Everyone had loads of fun, a few bumps and bruises and learnt a whole lot about their environment.

Grade 7 Camp

9 -11 March is a date that our grade 7s have been watching carefully since the beginning of the year. The annual camp is always met with loads of excitement and the odd sleepless night, not to mention the curiosity over sleeping arrangements, snakes and the “how far are we?” question.


Ons leerders was reeds van vroeg af reg om te vertrek, maar moes nog ‘n rukkie wag voor die wiele begin rol het. Na ‘n kort busrit het die Evers by Bergkroon kampterrein net buite Wellington arriveer. Hulle het vinnig in groepe verdeel, hul kamers gaan uitkies en hul eerste aktiwiteit in die swembad geniet.

kampfoto3 kampfoto2

After lunch our learners enjoyed a treasure hunt and some free-time, including a pit-stop at the tuckshop. As we head towards the evening our Evers will probably be tired after a long day of fun in the sun; but probably not tired enough for an early night.

Ons onderwysers geniet darem ook die kamp en kry hier en daar ‘n bietjie werk gedoen. Dag 2 lê nog voor en hopelik geniet beide die onderwysers en kinders ‘n goeie nagrus.

Eikestad Dubbels Tennistoernooi

Vrydagoggend was daar groot opgewondenheid onder ons O/11 en O/13 tennis seuns en dogters. Een skoolbussie en ‘n paar gewillige ouers was reeds douvoordag op pad Stellenbosch toe vir die Eikestad Dubbels Tennistoernooi. Ons Evers het saam met 7 ander skole by- mekaar gekom vir die amptelike opening van die toernooi. Hierdie toernooi, nou in sy vyfde jaar, sien skole soos Durbanville, Gene Louw, Paarl Gimnasium, Laerskool Stellenbosch, De Hoop, Rhenish en Eikestad op die bane van die bekende Bolandse dorp.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WlvSumveh4http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WlvSumveh4eikestad dag 1.3





Our U/11s, playing in their first tournament, started the day with games against Gene Louw, Durbanville and Eikestad.  All of their games were played at the Van der Stel courts, with a lot of support from all the parents. A short distance from there the U/13s were doing battle against Durbanville, De Hoop and Rhenish. After negotiating a rain delay our teams came through some tough rounds and still smiling and running around the courts; even when they weren’t playing matches.

eikestad dag 1.2 eikestad dag 1.1

Day two sees the U/11 team playing De Hoop while the U/13s will be giving their neighbours, Gene Louw, a go on the tennis court.

Thank you to all our parents for coming out to support our future tennis stars!

Hockey Coaching Workshop

The Eversdal hockey coaches have started dusting off their kits and looking for their sticks. Even though the season seems to still be a few weeks away, all our coaches had the privilege to attend a coaching workshop on Thursday.

Ons het die voorreg gehad om na Mnr. Kurt Cerfonteyn van die WP Hokkie-unie te luister; hy is ook hulpafrigter van die nasionale dames hokkiespan.  Hy het ons afrigters inspireer in die areas van leierskap, visie en praktiese vaardighede. Almal het die middag geniet en kon met baie nuwe idees wegstap.

Our coaches are excited about the 2016 hockey season and look forward to implementing some new ideas in the coming season.


We had great fun with the launch of our Treasure Hunt of 2016. Die leerders gaan vir ons help om vir Kaptein Rooibaard en die gesteelde skatte op te spoor. Our parents will receive the information on Tuesday, 16 February 2016.

Baie dankie vir u volgehoue ondersteuning!


Kaptein Jac en Rooibaard

U/14 Hockey Pre-Season Training

This time of the year is always filled with lots of excitement, especially for our hockey players. This year our hockey trials took place during the second week of term. Our players did very well despite the hot weather and the absence of playing time. These trials provided the players with the opportunity to discover their abilities at an early stage of the season and now they are ready to put in the hard work before the season starts. Our girls will be touring to Knysna in about five weeks, whereas the boys will only be touring in the second term.


IMG_0157 IMG_0153

Deel van ons voorbereiding beteken dat die spelers reeds om 6 uur die oggend oefen. Die doel van hierdie oefentye is om vir leerders die geleentheid te gee om weer ‘n bietjie hokkie te speel en aan hul vaardighede te skaaf onder leiding van hul afrigters. Hierdie oggendsessies sal verval wanneer die wintersport program vir die hele skool in werking tree.

We look forward to a very successful season and have every reason to be confident that our players will enjoy themselves and learn a lot about hockey as the season progresses.

Cyber Bullying: The Face Behind the Story

The effect of the digital boom is that our children are presented with information and visuals of which parents have very little control. Kevin Honeycutt, an international speaker, teacher and technology facilitator has the following to say about our kids and cyber space, “Our children are growing up on a digital playground and no one is on recess duty. ” 

If you aren’t convinced yet, you will most probably be sure of the importance of a cyber wellness program after the following stories.

Megan was a 13-year old girl who met a boy called Josh. They met on ‘MySpace’, one the first social networking sites to hit the web. They became internet friends and Megan was really pleased with herself, because now there was an older boy who liked her. One day, out of the blue, she received a message which said that Josh did not want to be friends with her. Things got worse. It turned into cyber bullying. One message from one boy turned into a barrage of insults.

Megan hung herself in her closet. She died a few days before her 14th birthday. Click here for the full story.

Allyissa Borum, a grade 9 learner, was involved in a pushing incident at her school. Phase two turned into cyber bullying. After a few days of enduring abuse, Allyissa and her sister were in a fight on the bus on the way to school. This led to the two siblings being suspended. Death threats on Facebook was the last straw. Ms Borum has set her sights on getting the police to investigate.

These stories seem commonplace amongst teenagers today. Catch the full story here.

Ryan Halligan was a 13-year old boy on his way to grade 8. In primary school he endured much abuse because of his ‘poor’ physical condition; a few boys started a rumour that he was gay. Over the summer holidays he started an online friendship with a popular girl from his school. Upon returning to school after the holidays Ryan mustered up all the courage he had to speak to this girl in real life for the first time. The result: she humiliated him in front of all her friends and news broke that she had circulated Ryan’s messages to one of her friends.  A humiliated teenage boy went home and took his own life. Read the fully story on Ryan’s Story.

Cyber space has given bullying another dimension; a serious threat to children’s well-being to say the least. Share some of these stories with your children. These aren’t made up, some children around us have to put up with threats and abuse on a daily basis.


Today’s children have made themselves at home in cyber space, a place their parents only visited every now and then. At Eversdal Primary School we are engaging in the safety and respect of every child as they wander into this new frontier. Cyber Wellness is our vehicle to ensure their well-being.

Cyberbullying refers to a child being threatened, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child by means of internet communications technology (ICT). This would often be done in chat rooms, as comments on social media feeds or even where pictures and videos are involved. The mystery of behaviour and interaction in the cyber world has become the focus of much research and debate.

In a study done by UNISA 3300 learners were interviewed about the increased occurrence of bullying. Two-thirds of the learners said that technology had brought about an increase in bullying and about the same number highlighted the fact that it was now easier for young people to be bullied. During the same study, about 17% of 1158 learners said that they had been cyber bullied, translating to 196 children and teenagers. The more alarming statistic is that out of this sub-group, about 50% has either received upsetting messages, experienced gossip and rumours or been the subject of name calling. Threats, sexual remarks and suggestive photos make up a much smaller percentage of the overall set of data. This is a cause for concern as it seems that cyber bullying might be more normal than we think; or has name calling and gossip become an insulator for more alarming cases such as threats and suggestive images.

The website, leadershiponline.com also highlights the notion that cyber bullying will have a far reaching impact in our society. In their article, ‘Cyber Bullying on the Rise’ they confirm some of the above statements found in UNISA’s research study. More than 50% of the study’s participants had been victims of emotional bullying, while 1 in 5 children had been affected by cyber bullying. These issues often form the precursor to the more serious issues such as alcohol and drug abuse, violence and other criminal activity.

Bullying has become a whole lot easier. Bullies don’t have to run the risk of being stood up or turned on. Today it is as easy as sending a message online or manufacturing an embarrassing picture. The effects of cyber bullying should never be under estimated and parents, teacher and students need to join hands to negate the effects of bullying.