- Curriculum

Method in the madness…

Our Evers are creative, critical thinkers who love to explore. To help them learn and build on these skills we needed to change our way of teaching. During the past few months our staff and craftsmen have been working hard to create new desks for our classrooms.

Grades 1 to 5 are fitted with C-shaped desks. This is to assist the learners when discussing problems and sharing solutions. Critical thinking is all about problem solving. Creativity teaches students to think outside the box. Collaboration shows students how to work together to achieve a common goal. Communication lets students learn how to best convey their ideas.

The grade 6 Evers are taking it to a next level with adjustable tables. The triangular tables can be moved to suit the needs of the activity at hand creating different size groups.



Everdal teachers particularly enjoy the new additions as it allows them to effectively differentiate their lessons. Teachers engage better by sitting with the groups and facilitating the tasks. If all groups constructively engage with the work, they all learn something, challenging themselves without the teacher being the only source of knowledge.

A typical day in an Ever classroom can now be fun filled with numerous opportunities. A place where every child can feel welcome and leave school with a heart filled with courage and a mind filled with new ideas!