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The Everkilo is part of the Daily Mile, an educational movement that takes children outside during normal lesson time to run or walk on the playground for 15 minutes. Our route covers 1 kilometer.

Schools from 35 countries have already seen the benefits of this physical activity during the school day.

The backdrop to the Daily Mile is a global crisis in childhood physical activity. The World Health Organization recommends that children get at least 60 minutes of exercise each day — the kind that gets them out of breath. The healthiest people do higher amounts of moderate exercise and spend low amounts of time sitting/reclining.

The number of overweight and obese children has increased dramatically in recent years, and lack of exercise and too much sitting around is part of the reason. Overweight kids are at higher risk of diabetes, strokes and heart disease in later years, so this directly affects both their quality of life and potentially their life span.

Children do the Everkilo at whatever time of day their teacher chooses. Typically they walk along a route on the playground. Children set their own pace and are free to talk to other pupils or teachers as they go.

The Everkilo will make our learners more awake, increased their attention and verbal memory, and improved their feelings of well-being.