- Curriculum


On Thursday 25 April we opened our classes for the Grade 4 parents to walk in their child’s footsteps. We started the Show-and-tell evening with an introduction from Mr Arangies about why and how teaching must change as well as an overview of the exciting changes happening at Eversdal.  Mr David Millar, the Director for Metro North Education District, emphasized the importance of skills development and encouraged us to continue changing as if there are now boxes.

The parents and guests were given a tour of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)  lab to observe coding, STEM-projects and robotics in action. This continued through our Natural Science lab where the Grade 4 scientists conducted a few experiments. Walking through the school parents could observe the “Recharge Zone’s” These areas were specially furnished for our learners to be able to have a place to gather their thoughts, recharge their creativity batteries and work independently when they feel that the class dynamics overwhelms them.

As soon as the parents got settled in the newly renovated classrooms the Grade 4 educators gave them a short experience of our one-on-one teaching approach. We took our parents through the functions and advantages of OneNote by giving an interactive lesson. Parents could work with the educator to understand the different aspects of OneNote and how to support their children. After this experience the parents had a better idea of how e-learning and 21st century skills were developed while engaging with content.

We are very honored to have Mr Millar (Director of Metro North Education District), Dr Punt (District North Head  of Curriculum), Mr Stofile (District North ICT-adviser), Miss Anita van Vuuren (WCED Project manager) and Mrs Elzet Brown (WCED E-portal) among the guests.

Thank you for your support to help us create #futurefokuseducation.