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We need children to be the problem-solving generation, and unless we teach them problem-solving skills, which come from the creative subjects, it won’t happen,”  – A. Zafirakou,  Global Teacher of the year 2018.

The creative subjects we teach are tools to empower our learners. At Eversdal Primary school we strive to implement a good balance between arts, drama and science.  When engaging with art all learners are equal, the playing field is leveled as learning barriers, language barriers and social barriers are removed.

To quote the best teacher in the world. “Students who don’t speak English, can’t write an essay, they can’t access any of the other curricula, but in arts, all you are asking them to do is draw and explore materials. They’re free to express themselves; everyone has stories to tell, and through art, we are raising their confidence and self-esteem and allowing them to find and tell those stories.” “In art, they get more time, and they can learn at their own pace. When you’re learning at your own pace, you’re producing the work you want to produce, and you feel proud of the outcome”.

When we develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, our children will have skills to use in every subject. Thinking across curricula and implementing these skills in real life problems will equip them for the 21st century workplace. Being proud of your work and feeling a sense of accomplishment will last longer than subject knowledge. Think of a world where we can combine technology and art. The possibilities are endless.

Even PISA, (Programme for International Student Assessment) which is better known for measuring students’ maths, reading and science abilities, is recognizing the importance of also developing their creativity. By 2021 creative thinking will be the “innovative assessment domain” of standardised testing.

Children are not robots, they have different learning needs that must be met. We are responsible for looking after the wellbeing and development of the child as an individual, it’s not just about the academic mindset.

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