On Friday the 16th of February, all the Grade 1 moms attended our assembly in the hall.

Die graad een’s was baie opgewonde om hulle Mamma’s op die verhoog te sien en die Mamma’s was verstom dat ons al soos ware Evers optree.  After the assembly all the Moms enjoyed a lovely cup of tea and treats with the teachers.

Thank you for attending and making it another memorable day in your child’s life.


On Wednesday Evening (27 September) the grade 7’s had their 3rd term sokkie. The theme of the sokkie was NEON!

There was a lot of dancing and some very colourful outfits. The social committee did a great job decorating the hall. It was a wonderful opprortunity for the learners to relax and switch off after a long and gruelling term.

The class dance off was won by 7A1, although some very strong competition was delivered by, especially, 7E1 and 7E2.

Below is two photo’s of the evening.


Opgewonde graad 7’s het gister die skoolgrond betree met arms vol produkte vir Entrepreneursdag. Hulle tafelversierings het behoorlik die oog gevang en die skuur feestelik laat lyk.

The other grades were also excited to buy from the grade 7’s! They bought whatever they could buy and supported the grade sevens who prepared the whole term for this event.

Satisfied entrepreneurs counted their money and determined their profit. Happy and satisfied faces were everywhere.

Hopelik sal een van hulle eendag nog ‘n groot bydrae lewer vir ons land se ekonomie!


Ons is Woensdagoggend gegroet met heerlike reën! ‘n Antwoord op ons gebede van Maandag. Dit was ‘n besonderse mooi manier om die kamp te begin. Die almagtige Here wat gebede verhoor, sal ons ook veilig hou.

There were some fantastic activities on the first day. The kids were taught about sound waves, fauna and flora. There was a night march during which students were made aware of how far sound travels at night and shown some constellations. They were also taught how to find north using the southern cross.

Ons het eers baie laat klaargemaak gisteraand en die kinders het baie goed geslaap. Vandag lê daar nog baie aktiwiteite voor.

Graad 4 uitstappie na Science Centre

Graad 4 het hierdie jaar vir die eerste keer na die Science Centre gegaan. Die leerders het dit ongelooflik baie geniet. Dit was baie leersaam. Die aktiwiteite het goed aangesluit by die kurrikulum.

The learners were involved in practical investigations. They chose which station to visit after being introduced to each one by the fascilitator. The fascilitator that did the final experimenths had the children spellbound with her combining ingredients to get a flame and in awe with the explosions.




Cyber Wellness : Grade 7

During the Cyber Wellness period the learners are educated and guided towards being safe online.
The aim of Cyber Wellness is to teach learners to have respect for themselves and for others online as well as being safe online.
The principles taught are that the learners should

• Sense danger and inappropriate behaviour
• Think of consequences and dangers before they  act
• Act –on the 2 previous principles.

The lessons for the terms:
Term 1 – Internet History, File sharing, Tracking online activity, Internet Info.
Term 2 – Internet Addiction:
• How to know whether I’m an internet addict
• How to manage my time on the internet
Netiquette: The different classes had to make videos on basic netiquette rules, eg.
• Identify yourself
• CAPS lock

Term 3 – Stranger Danger
The topic of “Strangers online” are discussed with reference to the following:
• Why I cannot trust online profiles
• Why it is dangerous to trust people online
• Precautions when communicating with people online


Opgewonde Gr. 7’s het met entoesiasme die Skuur reggekry vir die Entrepreneursdag en verseker gesorg vir groot pret!

Heerlike eetgoed, speelgoed en selfs ‘n fotohoekie was beskikbaar vir almal om te geniet.

Some of the Gr. 7s made a huge profit and went home with big smiles. We trust that everyone had a joyful time selling and buying.


All the grade one’s have learnt to be more aware of strangers in our “Stranger Danger” lessons. They have informally been introduced to cyber wellness as well.

Hulle het baie geleer en dit vreeslik geniet. Ons is hard besig om boekies te maak oor vreemdelinge.