Evers lief boeke!!!

Hierdie week is daar spesiaal aandag gegee aan hardop lees.  Die Graad 1-leerders het die geleentheid benut en opnuut die heerlikheid van ‘n eie storieboek in die skoolbiblioteek ontdek.  Juffrou Maryna het ons geleer hoe om ‘n snuffelgids te gebruik.  Die keuse was so moeilik om net een skat op die rakke te vind.  Gelukkig is die jaar nog lank.

There are so many books to choose from, where does one begin? Reading is the beginning of new adventures for one and all.  We cannot wait to begin our journey.  The school library is one of our favourite places to be!!  Yes, Evers love books!





Op Woensdag, 28 Oktober, is die nuwe gr. 1 Evertjies en hul ouers by Laerskool Eversdal ontvang.  Terwyl Pappa en Mamma in die Saal na mnr. Arangies geluister het, het die nuwe Evertjies hul juffrouens vir 2016 ontmoet, hul klassies ervaar en ook die maatjies wat saam met hulle in die klas is, gesien.

Our Gr. 1 parents were invited to wait outside the different classes, as the Evers enjoyed their visits so much, they did not want to leave!  Now they know where their classes are situated, they have met their teachers and the long wait has started.

We are looking forward to the new faces.

Baie dankie aan die Everraad en al die ouer Evers wat as Ambassadeurs opgetree het.



Parents are often unsure about what they can do for their children, to keep them safe in the course of their online activities. Privacy issues are often at the forefront of this uncertainty. Parents have to consider many different issues and views. On the one hand they feel they need to respect the privacy of their children.

Some might say that you cannot expect your child to trust and respect you if you do not trust and respect them first. There is a misguided idea that children need to be given space and freedom to make mistakes and discover the world.

Let’s be clear about this privacy issue. Nothing done on the internet is private. Parents
need to communicate this fact with their children from a very early age. Any picture they post or status they update is public domain. The whole world can see it. No child can expect the whole world to see something but then expect their mom or dad to be oblivious to it.

With that in mind, it is a good idea for a parent to make sure that they have access to their
children’s devices. You should be able to check your child’s activities. And then make sure
that you do it. This means that your child will be more careful about what they do online,
knowing that you as the parent will be able to see. It will also give you a better idea of what
is going on in your child’s life.

Make no mistake about it, knowledge is power. Respecting your child’s privacy at the expense of their safety is a grievously misguided notion. There are most certainly people out there who mean to harm your child. Children are innocent and are not always aware of the fact that people they meet online have ulterior motives.

Our children are also emotional and are often guided by their emotions. They cannot always see the long term consequences of their actions. They might post something, search for something or send a message now. They can remove it later, but later is too late in cyber space. You cannot help your child if you are unaware of what they are doing.

There are many counter arguments. Things such as “if they want to do it, they will find a
way”. That is very true. However, parents need to control what they can control. Having
access to your child’s smart devices is one of the ways you can do this.

One last thought. More often than not, children know more about how these devices work
than what their parents do. That makes it very difficult for parents to be able to track what
their children are doing. As stated before, knowledge is power. Educate yourself, pick up
the necessary skills. Your child can help you, other parents can help you. It doesn’t matter
where you get the skills. What matters is that you equip yourself with the skills to be able
to protect your child.

Next time we will be looking at geo tagging. I will explain the uses of it as well as the dangers. I will also explain how to turn it off on various devices.