Meet Evert Dall

Evert is a Grade 6 boy at Eversdal Primary School. He is excited about learning digitally and enjoys the whole new collaborative approach to learning.

Evert wakes up eager to go to school and can’t wait to see his friends to play the all important hand tennis tournament before school starts. As always the social interaction between his peers is just the right fuel for his positive mood. Die klok lui en Evert staan slaggereed in die rye: “Môôôre juffrou.” In die klas maak hy sy tablet oop en klik op sy OneNote klas. Hy gaan na sy Wiskundeseksie en maak notas terwyl die juffrou verduidelik. Binne die “Content Library” vind hy sy juffrou se opsomming en hy voeg dit by sy notas.

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Grade 1 Cyber Wellness

The Grade 1’s are going to be learning some big words over the course of the next few weeks. We have jump started the spelling Olympiad for Cyber Wellness by learning all about the words Digital Citizen, and while they are most definitely not able to spell it yet, they are easily able to tell you all about being a Super Digital Citizen.

We started the lesson with a short video from Common Sense Media which told us all about being a digital superhero who can exhibit exemplary attributes and are able to solve digital dilemmas in a responsible way each and every day. The learners were then given the task of making their very own Digital Superhero. As grade one is still about a lot of cutting and pasting, we designed a colouring in puzzle that they could colour in as they pleased, which was then cut and pasted into their life skills books.


Digitale burgerskap

In graad 2 behandel ons die term Digitale burgerskap tydens Kubersekuriteit. Digitale burgeskap behels die bewusmaking van aanvaarbare, verantwoordelik en toepaslike gebruik van tegnologie. Om ‘n digitale burger te wees is wanneer leerders tegnologie op ‘n gereelde en effektiewe manier te gebruik.

Die graad 2 leerders het geleer om te voel; dink en doen voordat hulle die verantwoordelike en toepaslike ding doen om hulself, sowel as ander mense te respekteer.

  • Doen die regte ding; dink voor jy iets doen en laastens voel of dit wat jy wil doen die verantwoordelik besluit is.

We are trying to help students to learn, communicate and collaborate safely and responsibly while using technology.

We are trying to raise a digital child of today!

Digital citizenship

In grade 3 it is important that our learners know and understand what it means to be safe, responsible and to respect others while using the internet. This term we have been focusing on what it means to be a digital citizen. We have been learning how to use the internet to engage in society. We have done numerous activities surrounding this topic. When I asked my learners, what do they think being a digital citizen means, and the response I got was” being a good person on the internet”, “being a person who tells other people how to use technology”. After we watched videos and discussed as a class, what it means to be a digital citizen the answers I then got was “being safe while using the internet”, “don’t open unsafe sites”, “Use the internet wisely”. This term it has brought me immense pleasure in seeing how our learners enjoy learning about cyber wellness and leaving their digital footprints behind.


Gedurende die langnaweek het ‘n groep graad 6 en 7 leerders die lang tog na Namibië met groot ywerigheid en opgewondenheid aangepak. Die reis het, heel ironies, met groot reën afgeskop toe ons by die skool wegry en letterlik riviere water in Durbanville moes trotseer. We arrived safely at the border and with only a minor hiccup was able to cross into Namibia on rout to Amanzi Trails. Arriving at the base camp we were greeted by their friendly staff and a delicious South African beef potjie! Most of the kids had to sleep outside for the first time in their lives.

Dag een het aangbreek met ‘n pragtige oggend en baie groot afwagting vir hierdie avontuur. Ons het heerlik geroei en gestop vir swembreuke en middagete. Die stroomversnellings was baie lekker en die kinders kon bietjie hulle roeitegnieke verskerp. The evening we set up camp on the bank of the rivier. The boys immediately started to catch fish with the size varying depending on the person telling the story. Henco landed a very large catfish. We slept under the stars and looked for shooting stars and satellites while talking about the universe.

Dag twee het met groot bekommer aangebreek toe almal weet dat dit D-dag is vir Sambok! Sambok is die grootste stroomversneller op ons reis. Ons het lekker geroei tot middagete. Tydens middagete het ons een van die bergpieke aangepak op pad na ‘n ou kalsium fluoried myn om klein “groen klippies” op te tel wat later die aand baie genot verskaf het. After lunch the respected Sambok lay ahead. Surprisingly we only had two kayaks capsizing to the amazement of those on the banks. We left the kayaks on the bank and one-by-one jump into the rapid’s white water for a joyride down stream! We continued onward through various rapids till we reached our camp site. The geological rock formations and mountains can only be described as breathtaking. During the evening braai the kids put their fluoride rocks in the fire and they popped like green popcorn while everyone dodge these green missiles.

Die derde dag het die rivier gesorg vir groot uitdagings. Ons het lekker geroei tot middagete, maar was daarna uitgedaag deur sterk wind van voor. ‘n Klip langs ‘n diep gat het baie vreugde veroorsaak vir almal wat afgespring het. A biggest bomb competition was easily won by Mr Burger! The wind tested the fighting spirit in all the kids with some powering onward and others needed some encouragement. We decided to connect the kayaks by rope and we worked as a pack to get to the camp site. Al along still navigating rapids on our way. The Ever spirit pulled us through and we reached our camp site with a sense of great achievement.

The forth day we had a short row till the pick up point. Finally our Evers reached the end! They rowed a total of 63 km and the educational value for all those kids can not be measured by a price tag. They discovered new qualities within themselves and build character that will help them in the future. ‘n Spesiale woord van dankie aan me Colleen en haar span van Amanzi Trails vir hulle profesionele hantering van ons kinders. Ons gidse, Jako en Vino, julle is klas!


We are entering our third year of Cyber Wellness at Eversdal Primary School. As a teacher I get to speak to new kids every year and it is exciting to see how much more Cyber savvy our learners have become. Three years ago words like netiquette, phishing and trolling were foreign concepts. Today our learners are much more aware of what they mean.

So, why do we have a Cyber Wellness program and what is it all about?

The aim of our cyber wellness program is to equip our students with the necessary skills to remain safe in cyber space and to act responsibly online. The internet is a fairly new tool, but it hasn’t taken criminals and people with bad intentions long to seize upon the opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting children and adults. Eversdal Primary School feels that it is the duty of the school to teach learners the skills that can keep them safe online.

During the course of their 7 years at Eversdal, the learners will discuss many various topics. Everything from Stranger Danger to Cyber Bullying, copyright law, web cookies and more. Many topics are repeated a few times over the course of the seven years. Reinforcement through repetition is important.

We aim to bring home 2 main principles:

1. Safe and responsible use of the internet.

2. Respect yourself and others online.

We teach them to use the three step cycle to help enforce those principles. The three steps are Sense – Think – Act. Sense danger, think about your options and then take appropriate action.

This, in a nutshell is what Cyber Wellness is all about. The content that we deliver is very fluid and the teachers change it regularly as various needs arrive. However, we believe that it is vitally important and strive to keep it fresh in the minds of our learners.


Cyber Logo
Cyber Logo

Die Gr. 2’s het in kwartaal 1 en 2 meer geleer oor die beginsels van Kuberveiligheid. Dit sluit in die stappe wat leerders moet volg wanneer hulle die internet gebruik. Byvoorbeeld: jou gevoel (die webtuiste); jou denke (is dit opbouend en veilig) en is ek verantwoordelik deur wat ek doen op die internet?

‘n Volgende belangrike punt wat onder die leerders se aandag gebring is, was kopiereg, wat dit behels en hoe belangrik dit is.

Digitale Burgerskap
Digitale Burgerskap

Die graad 2’s behandel nou goeie aanlyn maniere.