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Op 30 Januarie 2020 het Lorinda Botha, ‘n Opvoedkundige Sielkundige, ‘n praatjie in die Jack van Renenskoolsaal gelewer oor “Wat is Boeliegedrag?”


A great point of interest was the fact that one needs to discern between conflict, bad behaviour and bullying. Conflict is normal and those involved will all experience feelings of remorse; bad behaviour could merely be a child’s socially unacceptable response at a point in time; bullying is a repeated action aimed at intentionally causing harm or discomfort and is a power struggle.

Edmund Burke said, ” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” A passive by-stander is as guilty as the bully. By teaching children empathy you will prevent them from becoming bullies and will also eradicate bully behaviour as children with empathy will intervene in these situations.

Laat ons dus nie net passief toekyk hoe ander seergemaak word nie.

The information received was resourceful and engaging.